Philosophy / Aims

Focus on the technological areas that guarantee efficiency to the building.

The building system falls within our fundamental competence; Lucen proposes itself as sole supplier.

HVAC systems, safety, lighting, energy efficiency of the infrastructure, renewable energies represent the main technological intervention areas to plan and make smart and sustainable buildings.

Thus, we think that to propose oneself with a complete and integrated portfolio of products, solutions and services is an added value for our clients, a plus able to ensure our projects characteristics and performance suitable for the investment enhancement.

Conversely, without searching for integrated solutions for the several technological systems of a building, it would not be possible to give the various devices the ability to communicate and interact each other according to logics aiming at the consumption, environmental comfort, safety and sustainability optimization.


  • Integration of building control systems within the residential, commercial and industrial purpose.
  • Client-orientation: Sinergy with the customer to find the best solution to answer the infrastructural needs and particular problems adopting the best technologies on the market;
  • Professionalism: High quality services according to standards, international regulations and project technical specifications
  • Availability: We operate on a global scale with on-site presence and an array of services customizable according to the real needs of our clients.