Cogeneration and trigeneration

High efficiency generation systems applicable to industrial processes.

Lucen Srl, recognised as ESCo, offers to industrial clients searching for an efficiency energy strategy a wide array of solutions in terms of high efficiency cogeneration and trigeneration.

First of all, the high efficiency cogeneration systems (CHP), combined processes for the simultaneous production of heat and power from suitable plants, with a sensible primary energy saving compared to the separate plants (as prescribed by the Legislative Decree No. 20 of 8 February 2007, and the Ministerial Decree of 4 August 2011).

Industrial clients that need both power and heat can take advantage of a thermodynamic cycle optimized for the production of power with higher heat levels instead of installing a boiler and buying power, thus exploiting the residual heat at lower temperatures for heat needs. The process, also known as CHP (Combined Heat and Power), aims to produce at the same time several kinds of energy reaching a lower consumption of fuel and a further competitive advantage in the use of energy sources.

If refrigerated water generated by absorption cooling systems is available, one can choose a trigeneration system (Combined Cooling, Heat and Power, CCHP) with the advantage of enhancing the overall efficiency of the process.

Advantages of cogeneration /trigeneration

  • adoption of a concrete energy efficiency programme
  • reduction of the energy costs
  • primary energy saving: up to 40% compared to a separate generation of power and heat
  • fumes and exhaust gas heat recovery otherwise lost
  • flexible use of energy vectors that can be used in several processes.
  • CO2 emissions reduction in the atmosphere

Our skills

Lucen Srl supports the client for cogeneration and trigeneration projects with the following services:

  • Energy audit
  • Detailed feasibility study
  • Design and dimensioning
  • Execution and turnkey operation
  • Plant management and maintenance

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