ESCo Energy Service Company

With more than 10 years’ experience in the civil and industrial system engineering, Lucen is an ESCo Company.

Lucen is an energy service company officially recognised as electric market operator(GSE), operating through advising projects on the company’s production and energy management, providing solutions for the energy saving to the eventual achievement of TEE (white certificates).

Lucen is an “ESCo" (Energy Service Company) according to the ENEA classification.As ESCo company, it can assume the risk of a proposed energy-efficiency proposal, thus freeing the customer from any organisational and investment burden.

Through several kinds of business agreement, the ESCo and the end-customer share the savings obtained thanks to the Lucen intervention.

Our skills

  • Energy audits with investment assessment and relating recovery period (Payback method)
  • Energy efficiency projects aiming at the Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE)
  • Monitoring of energy flows
  • Optimisation of energy supply contracts
  • Financial instruments aiming at supporting an eventual intervention of energy re-qualification
  • Signing of EPC (Energy Performance Contract) agreements.

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