The white certificates

The TEE system.

Thesystem of Energy efficiency certificates (TEE), better known as White Certificates, is a mechanism to enhance energy consumption reduction in order to offset highly energy-intensive productions and limit pollutants emission.The savings obtained are converted into energy efficiency “equities” through the issue of certificates that can be converted into cash after the sale for a 5-year period.

The Energy Efficiency certificates

The Energy Efficiency certificates (TEE) are marketable “equities” certifying the energy saved (e.g. saved kWh or gas m3), calculated in TOE (tonne of oil equivalent), awardedafter the performing of specific interventions at the end users’ site.Once obtained the white certificates, the certified companies can sell them(ESCo) to the obligated parties through the remote platform managed by the electric market operator (GME, which is “Gestore Mercato Elettrico”).

The stakeholders

The subjects that can request and manage the TEE are:

  • Energy distributors (obligated and non-obligated parties)
  • Companies controlled by the energy distributors
  • ESCo Energy Service Company

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