Energy audits

Compulsory energy diagnosis.

Energy efficiency promotion and improvement (Italian Leg. Decree 102/2014).

The Leg. Decree 4 July 2014 no. 102 establishes that big companies and energy-intensive companies perform an Energy diagnosis (DE) in the production sites found in the national territory by no later than 5 December 2015 and thereafter every 4 years.

In order to comply with the law, Lucen proposes a DE that analyses the efficiency state of the casing, systems and production cycles related with each energy vectorfound in the company.

The DE includes the analyses of the various components and expresses a result able to guide customers towards intervention choices with a cost/benefit assessment of the eventual requalification.

Information on the 102/2014 Leg. Decree 

By 5 December 2015 and for the following 4 years, the big companies and those with a high energy-consumption have to perform an Energy diagnosis drawn up by the parties in charge:Lucen, as ESCo company (energy Services Company), has the resources to handle this important analysis stage.Enea shall receive the results of the Energy diagnosis and will verify and file them.

The Leg. Decree 102/2014 prescribes a range of rules and aims to reduce energy consumption by 20% by no later than 2020.


  • Use at least 2.4 GWh of electrical energy to perform their activity
  • Use at least 2.4 GWh of energy other than electrical to perform their activity
  • The real cost of the total amount of the energy they use to perform their activity/value of their turnover ratio is higher than 3%.

Big companies:

  • Have more than 250 employees
  • Their turnover is higher than 50 m Euro
  • Their yearly budget is higher than 43 m Euro

In the event of breach – failing to file the DE to the institutions in charge – they can incur into fines spanning from 4,000 to 40,000 €.

The non-energy-intensive SMEs do not have to perform the energy-diagnosis, but they can access to funds to cover the costs incurred to perform it.

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